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Dreikurs identified four phases that characterize Adlerian therapy.

Adlerian Lifestyle Counseling: Practice and Research

The initial phase involves establishing the therapeutic relationship. The lifestyle assessment process provides the clinician with essential information and creates an experience of self-discovery for the client. The insight phase of Adlerian therapy involves helping clients build a deeper, intuitively-based awareness of their private logic so that behavior change can be implemented.

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The objective of the final phase of Adlerian therapy is to help clients reorient themselves from dysfunctional positions in life to individually healthy and meaningful life goals that embody social interest. A variety of techniques are used to help clients achieve this objective.

Adlerian therapy concludes when presenting problems have been resolved and the client is able to derive the positive psychological benefits of pursuing healthy and meaningful life goals. Adlerian therapy is widely used in the treatment of adults, children, couples, families, and groups.

Adlerian Therapy

Although many variations of Adlerian therapy exist, they differ primarily with respect to the duration of therapy, the focus and scope of treatment goals, and the strategies and techniques that are afforded by the therapeutic modality. Adlerian therapy has traditionally been long term and comprehensive in focus, but clinicians have successfully adapted the approach for short-term and brief therapy. Adlerian therapy with couples emphasizes how complementarity i.

Adlerian Therapy

Adlerian therapy with families emphasizes the importance of a democratic and supportive family atmosphere, the role of the parents as leaders and caregivers, the individual responsibility of each family member, and the necessity for each person to contribute meaningfully within the family system. In addition to resolving symptoms e. Adlerian interventions with children frequently involve parents and family members.

The breadth of Adlerian therapy makes it conceptually and clinically resonant with classic therapeutic approaches e. A rare balance of both practical application and empirical research investigation, Adlerian Lifestyle Counseling provides mental health practitioners with an invaluable resource on the theories of counseling pioneer Alfred Adler.

Rule and Malachy Bishop, both reputed authorities on rehabilitation counseling and Adlerian theory, present useful practitioner consideration and applications, preparing the reader for a wide variety of counseling situations.

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  7. Research studies also included in this volume - on topics scanning career choice, parental behavior, personal characteristics, and more - ground these practices in a basic theoretical framework. Adlerian theory is a popular and powerful approach that respects the uniqueness and creative potential of the individual.

    This comprehensive collection on the topic is a significant addition to the counseling research canon.

    1st Edition

    Rule, Ph.