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Charlie Sheen has been in the public eye almost as long as the 50 years he's been alive. The actor, seen here in , has appeared in dozens of films, headlined a hit TV show, battled substance abuse, dated porn stars and made numerous headlines for his bad-boy behavior.

Here's a look at Sheen's turbulent life and career. Hide Caption.

As the son of actor Martin Sheen, he had small parts in some of his father's films. The public may have first become aware of him as a thuggish visitor in a police station making conversation with Jennifer Grey in 's "Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Douglas' performance won an Oscar, and Sheen's own stock went up. After becoming one of the hottest young actors of the '80s, Sheen saw his star dim in the '90s.

Here he is in a poster for "Men at Work," a minor comedy that starred him and brother Emilio Estevez as garbagemen who stumble on a nefarious plot. Critics wondered whether the film was a goof, comparable to Sheen's "Hot Shots! By the mid-'90s, Sheen was as famous for being a ladies' man as he was for being a leading man. Known as "the Machine," he dated porn stars, and though Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss kept the names of her clients secret, Sheen testified during her tax-evasion trial that he'd used her services.

He also spent time in rehab and was hospitalized for a drug overdose. The show ran until Sheen rose to the top again with "Two and a Half Man," playing free-spirited jingle writer Charlie Harper. But a rehab stint shut down production in , and he and show creator Chuck Lorre were soon at loggerheads. Sheen was fired after the eighth season.

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Sheen occasionally popped up in movies in the s, though not of the level of his '80s work. In , Sheen married Richards. The marriage produced two daughters but was rocky; Richards filed a restraining order against him in and filed for divorce while pregnant with their second child. Sheen later tried to block the appearance of their children on Richards' reality show and insulted her in the media, a habit he's continued to the present day.

Sheen's third marriage, to actress Brooke Mueller, was also contentious. The two married in and divorced three years later, time that included Sheen's arrest on suspicion of domestic abuse and rehab stints for both. A custody battle ensued after the divorce, but the two are getting along for now. The end of Sheen's marriage to Mueller and his firing from "Two and a Half Men" came in the midst of increasingly erratic behavior.

He allegedly trashed a New York hotel room; he went on a radio show and criticized Lorre and Thomas Jefferson, among others; and he filed a lawsuit against Lorre and "Two and a Half Men's" studio, Warner Bros. He joined Twitter and racked up a million followers in just over 24 hours -- a record, said Guinness. His tweets included the hashtags winning and tigerblood, both of which became catchphrases.

He's shown here with publicist Stan Rosenfield, who resigned from that job in early And that was before the booing and shouts of "You suck" started. Still, Sheen had enough buzz that he was announced as the lead in "Anger Management," a TV version of the movie. The series lasted two years on FX.

Meanwhile, "Two and a Half Men" ended its run in with Sheen's character -- who had been assumed dead -- crushed by a piano. The actor said the diagnosis had inspired him to retire his hard-partying ways.

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He said he revealed the diagnosis to people he thought he trusted, but some of them demanded money to keep the information to themselves. He paid those people "in the millions," he said. One of those people, he said, was a prostitute who entered his bathroom, took a cellphone picture of his medication and threatened to sell the image.

Asked if he would continue to pay the people he'd been paying, he said: "Not after today, I'm not. Charlie has none of those. He is healthy; he does not have AIDS. HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus , attacks the immune system by destroying white blood cells, which are vital to fighting infection. A brain tumor he had lived with since childhood started growing.

Charlie needed to fix the root of his problem — his relationship with food and stress.

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His gut was telling him that the imbalance was the way he was eating all these years, all the processed foods, all the meat from the ketogenic diets he put himself on. He would literally go years and barely eat fruits or vegetables.

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Charlie also learned about calorie density. Instead of dieting and restricting what he could eat, he found out what he could eat a ton of all the time! He learned that 1 cup of walnuts is equivalent to eight sweet potatoes.

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So he stuffed himself with sweet potatoes to lose weight. Weighing over pounds, Charlie Jabaley had tried to lose the weight several times without success. One of his tactics was trying to run the weight off after being challenged to a marathon by his best friend Scott.

He needed a bold solution—one that would guarantee the lifestyle change he so desperately needed to survive. In the recap of his race experience, Charlie describes the moment he learned he was in last place on the bike and in danger of missing the cut-off to begin the run. Making it just barely into the last leg of the race, the once sauntering Jabaley he literally danced his way to T1 struggled to find the strength to high-five his supporters along the way. He was hitting the wall. But rock bottom was just what he needed to rise up and conquer his ultimate challenge.

He pulled through for a finishing time of hours, just under the hour cutoff. With his first IRONMAN under his belt a tighter belt these days due to losing pounds since inking that contract with himself , Charlie has a renewed sense in himself and his purpose. I was dealing with food addiction and anxiety. Charlie Jabaley has always been into business, and an avid entrepreneur at heart. Starting with the Dream Machine tour, when he and his best friend Scott Cameron biked across America looking to give back and ignite others dreams along the way. Charlie teamed up with Vero and paid off her mortgage, covered her medical bills, and bought her a new car.

Then Charlie met year-old Sionna Brenn, who was working at a Starbucks to support herself after escaping an abusive foster home situation. Charlie surprised her with a new car to be able to get to college where she had a scholarship waiting at the University of Texas. Charlie even brought his philanthropic efforts back to his hometown of Atlanta, in an effort to get the culture to be more active Charlie gave away pairs of Nike running shoes over the course of one weekend. JULY Life Resume.