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Learn how to start your own dropshipping business with our free introductory ebook. One online store idea is to sell your art and monetize your creativity. If painting or photography is your forte, you can sell your work as prints, canvases, and framed posters using Printify or Printful.

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This is a fantastic way to turn your art into something tangible that people can take home and integrate into their space. Is music your thing? You can sell your beats, songs, samples and more as digital downloads. Just take a look at The Drum Broker , the largest online drum sample business in the world.

They created a successful and sustainable business model with the help of apps like FetchApp and ShipStation. Writers, developers and graphic designers can start a business based on their talents. You can easily pick up bite-sized tasks that fit your schedule. To find people that need your help, try freelancing marketplaces, like Upwork and Fiverr. As the name suggests, all the posted jobs cost five dollars. The key to making big money on Fiverr is carefully setting up your offers so that you can easily upsell the client for more money. If you want total control over how much you charge, create a Shopify store.

You can even use apps like BookThatApp and Events Calendar to give your customers the option to schedule appointments. Take a look:. Teaching an online course is a solid way to generate passive income. Although it requires effort up front, if you manage to design a popular, high-value video tutorial series, you would make money on a regular basis as people continue to enroll in your course. To start creating your first online course, brainstorm a topic that you know well enough to teach someone how to do from scratch.

This can be literally anything—music production, social media marketing, web development—you name it. ScreenFlow also comes with a built-in video editing suite, allowing you to shoot and cut your videos all on the same platform.

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If you love hitting up thrift stores and hunting down great deals, then one great shop idea is to sell your second-hand treasures online. Take advantage of this by positioning yourself as a trustworthy curator who can go out and uncover those great, vintage pieces for others.

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Sometimes a passion for second-hand curiosities is all it takes to kickstart a business. Windy Gaming , an online store dedicated to selling vintage video games, started when its owner received a box of old Japanese games from a friend and wanted to sell them online. Want to turn your cool stuff into pizza money? Take a look at these guides to making your products look great in photos:.

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From releasing your writing as an ebook with the Digital Download app to on-demand printing services like Blurb and CreateSpace , there are many different ways for you to become a published author and sell your book online. Once purchased, your ebooks will be sent to your customers via email or as a direct download link.

Ready to live out your dreams of being a published author? These resources will help you out on your way to the top:. From selling one-on-one to reaching the aisles of Whole Foods. Find a manufacturer to bring your product to life, create packages of your service offerings, or write your book and identify a self-publishing option to bring it to fruition.

If you go the dropshipping route, the product has already been developed for you. Exchange is the marketplace to kickstart your entrepreneurial dreams and buy a business. Browse thousands of stores for sale. As you grow, you might need funding for future endeavors, be it a new product launch, or marketing and advertising spend. Having business bank accounts makes it easier for you to manage that capital, as well as track your revenue and expenses. This is also helpful when it comes to tax preparation as your business-related transactions will be in a single place.

As your business finances get more complicated, hiring a professional accountant or tax professional could be a viable option. Product-based online businesses, in particular, may require lots of business relationships. You must let us know how many pieces and the sizes that you intend to submit by June 5, If we run out of space we reserve the right to restrict the number of pieces.

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Art must be hung no later than June Keep in mind, many guests are animal advocates and will be more likely to purchase the pieces that have a larger portion going to BARCS! In addition to your hung pieces, you may also bring additional prints to sell. Work may be collected any time after the show or each artist may leave it hanging until it sells or until Blue Pit BBQ needs the wall space. Blue Pit BBQ will not take a fee but for all works sold through them, they will add on and collect additional sales tax in order to pay it with their monthly sales tax.

You may elect to have all sales go through you in which case you will be responsible for coordinating with the buyer or you may elect to have Blue Pit BBQ accept payment for the sale, add on sales tax, deduct and make the donation to BARCS on behalf of the show and cut you a check for the remainder. Blue Pit BBQ will provide personal sales reports to each artist each month or within 48 hours upon request.

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The artists will assume responsibility for his or her work. Join Jerry's Toyota on the last Sunday in June for your chance to meet your next furry friend! BARCS is going to be bringing a variety of eligible pets to our dealership for people to meet and hopefully adopt! Bob Delmont from You don't have to be an existing volunteer to attend, just a friend with a heart for animals and a good pair of "work" pants! Animal sheltering is a messy job!

With 11, animals coming through our shelter each year, and a small staff to care for them, we need help deep cleaning our shelter. Tasks include shoreline clean up, weeding, lawn maintenance and indoor deep cleaning of our floors and walls. BARCS will supply the animal-safe cleaning chemicals, but we are always in need of donations of scrub brushes, buckets, rakes, pool skimmers and contractor grade trash bags.

Please wear clothes that can get messy or even ruined. We suggest pants, waterproof boots and waterproof gloves. Want to bring your office or another big group? Just give us a heads up by emailing bdeacon barcs. Sponsorships, foursomes and individual golf spots available! Registration includes golf with cart, range balls, boxed lunch, full buffet-style dinner and beverages throughout the day. We will also have some great raffle baskets up for grabs so make sure you bring cash for the raffle and to tip our hostesses.

Hope to see you there! Last year's event sold out, so don't delay in getting your tickets! Tickets will NOT be available at the door. The evening will also include raffles, auctions, a bake sale and more! However, there will be no guarantee of seating arrangements, unless you are buying a Table for Ten or purchase all Single Tickets together at this time.

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This adoption event is the largest in the Baltimore area and surrounding counties. Out-of-state adopters welcome, too. Owned pets are not permitted at this event. The event will open to the public promptly at 12 p. Families are able to bring home their new furry friends the day of the event.