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Overview This book deals with education systems and the change observed within them alongside changes in the wider political economy. The research is conducted by way of a comparative case study of England and Germany. Extending the VoC approach, not only vocational education and training but also school education and higher education are analysed.

The point of departure is the puzzling fact that the current reforms of the education systems of both countries are departing from the paths predicted by the VoC approach. Web residencies are carried out exclusively online, and the works are presented on schloss-post. Artists and students of all disciplines as well as former or current Solitude fellows may apply.

Leadership im Kulturbetrieb (Kunst- und Kulturmanagement) (German Edition)

There is no age limit. The deadline is October 18, midnight. Please write to is at akademie-solitude.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the exhibition highlights the interaction between secret services and performance art — an art form that was considered most dangerous by the single-party dictatorships of Eastern Europe. After these were opened to research for the first time. Investigation of the documentation of art by informants and of the influence of the secret services on artistic work became possible. Another novelty is the significance that secret service records are revealed to have had for art history: In meticulous detail, the reports document artistic activities, some of which were hardly known, as well as the active, operative intervention of the state in the artistic creative process — with the aim of preventing and destroying it as well as socially discrediting and criminalizing dissident artists.

It could appear anywhere and at any time — and disappear again. The artists were partly aware of this situation and reflect on it with the help of the distance of decades. In addition to a wealth of file material, the HMKV will present numerous works by performance artists confronting their own files, as well as more recent artistic positions that deal with the intersection of art and secret services, including some from beyond Eastern Europe.

Admission Admission is free. Donations to the Hartware MedienKunstVerein e.

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Public guided tours Sundays and bank holidays: , duration ca. Admission is free. No registration needed. Just come by! Duration ca. Meeting point at the entrance of the exhibition. Accompanying programme See www. Also available in English. Please register at least 7 days in advance.

The focus of xCoAx is on the unpredictable overlaps between the freedom of creativity and the rules of algorithms, between human nature and machine technology, with the aim to evolve towards new directions in aesthetics. On the two days preceding xCoAx, ALMAT gathers artists and researchers to present and discuss the relations between algorithmic agency and artistic research, the practice of algorithmic experimentation and its impact on compositional process.

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Warum ist die Spritzdekor-Keramik in der Weimarer Republik so viel erfolgreicher als das schlichte, ornamentlose Porzellan? Warum verschwindet sie Mitte der er Jahre aus dem Warenangebot? Laufzeit der Ausstellung: Oktober — Februar Open Call periods happen twice annually: in October, we invite proposals for our NYC space, and in February, we invite proposals for anywhere in the world, except for NYC.