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Of Being Muslim, and Idol-worship? Who Am I? What does it mean to have a peace of heart? And there you are, staring at Allah SWT.

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Of fallen flowers on the ground.. Of Shadows in life.

Rise I Fail.. Poems All of yourself.. Break Mine Heart. O Demon! She will be free, but me?

"The Fallen Flower" Kikyo キキョウ (@fallenkikyo) • Instagram photos and videos

Miscellaneous My Little steps for this not-so-great Ramadan.. To those who want to do big things in life.. Posted on May 19, by Sameera Hameed. But take! Don't hesitate. Share the Khayr! Like this: Like Loading About Sameera Hameed The Meadows. From a Soul that longs for its long lost Abode.. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Email required Address never made public. Name required. It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel. Perhaps to deal with dilemmas in life is to learn to prioritize between 'what is it that I am going to be held accountable for' and differentiate it from other challenges. Such is the way one can attain peace of heart.

Admit our weaknesses and seek our strength in Him. Rejuvenate our heart through prayers for prayers are the cure for all illnesses. Often we are told, that you cannot pour from an empty cup. But you can. The more you give, the more you fill your soul, you soften your heart. You can give to the alive and to your beloved dead ones too!

You can give to the poor but you also can give to the rich. You can give children and to the aged. You can feel so lonely and yet make someone else's day, which in turn fills your heart with richy fullness. You can give to the sick and to the able. You can give to your family miles away and to your neighbours.

You can give. I gave literally until the last penny I had left and then again from the scraps that I had around too. I'm not just talking about "charity" here, I'm talking about love, kind words, knowledge, gifts, sincerity and mostly, time. But your heart You'll make a presence miles away in their homes, and so, skies away near your Lord's throne, may your name be buzzed like the bee for all that you utter of Allah's praise.

Fallen: The Flowers of Evil

Let's be of those who give give give : Eid Mubarak! You'll find His kindness in everything and everywhere, when you live to seek His pleasure alone.

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"a fallen flower" in Chinese

Page 1 of Next page. Recent searches:. Young boy wearing blue overalls laying on fallen tree spring blossoms and fallen flower petals on tree and along road A bright pink rose fallen in the rain.

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A flower with parts fallen off. Young boy wearing blue overalls laying on fallen tree Magnolia leaves fallen on grass Almond Blossoms Fallen Down On Pathway Mountain biker on fallen tree Poppies pinned next to the names of fallen loved ones on the Australian War Memorial in Canberra Australia Rear view of mid adult woman balancing on fallen tree in field of wildflowers, Moraine lake, Banff National Park, Alberta Canada Kapok Fallen Flower on Grass Vase of old dying flowers roses and hydrangea Poppies pinned next to the names of fallen loved ones on the Australian War Memorial in Canberra Australia Fallen flower or petal on green grass in park.

Fallen flower.