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It has been proven in a study done by Cornell University, that people who spend money on experiences and travel are happier than those who spend it on material things.

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Experience the world. If you live in the South , go see the North. If you live in the West, visit the East. If you are really adventurous, visit a foreign country. This may sound ridiculous, but taking care of your skin in your youth ensures healthier skin as you age.

How to be A Grownup before You Turn 50 by Rick Hawkins

Use sunscreen to help prevent premature aging as well as skin cancer. Learn how to wash your face properly and do it! Not only does this stimulate your brain, but it is also impressive to your children and grandchildren. Plus, you never know when it may come in handy. Trust us, we know the couch is very comfortable and is calling your name.

How Does Turning 50 Feel?

But if you develop the habit of exercising at an early age, you will want to continue it as long as you can. Exercising is a proven method in reducing high blood pressure, maintaining blood sugar levels and strengthening bones. Try this: The next time you dine out, look for someone who is alone, perhaps sad or troubled or less fortunate than yourself, and surreptitiously pay their waiter for their meal, anonymously.

It might make a difference in their life and it will certainly make a difference, for the better, in yours. In the spin-cycle of youth, you wallowed in the shallow end when it came to pursuits of pleasure. You saw Rocky Horror 36 times, traveled with the Dead for a summer you think , drank anything with an alcohol content and played Trivial Pursuit until your mind turned to cottage cheese.

It was easy to waste time when you had so much of it.

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Now you need to be a little more selective. Upgrade your vices. Read great books.

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See great movies. Drink better wines. Catch a live concert, philharmonic this time, now and then and spring for good seats. And spend more time with people who make you laugh. As 50 approaches, chances are you are noticing lots in common with them that you can use to open the door to new mature relationships. It will do wonders for all of you. Glacier skiing? Great cocktail stories often involve overcoming fear.

Let this be your best one. Remember those habits we earlier said are buzz killers? Well, those small, comfortably predictable action sequences actually do serve a purpose.

So how did turning 50 feel?

They help guide us subconsciously through our daily existence. Cindy Crawford. Turning fifty Erica Jong. Happy 20th anniversary of your 30th Birthday!

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Greg Tamblyn. Fifty is an excellent age There are plenty of good things about being Just ask any 80 year old. A Man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. Muhammad Ali. Maybe it's true that life begins at fifty. But everything else starts to wear out, fall out, or spread out.

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