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We have a fully working kitchen at work and the team are encouraged to eat healthy, cooked food at lunch. I get great satisfaction seeing the team teach each other about their culture and hidden culinary talents as they prepare and cook lunch together, rather than simply buy a sandwich from the local supermarket. For me, the journey is as important as the end destination, so having fun along the way is something we try to schedule in as it does not always happen. In a world of mental health and stress, its important to slow down and consider employees personal lives and how they measure personal success such as buying a property or having more time to see their ageing parents, or new born kids.

If we can exist to make a difference beyond pure commercial gain then the world will be a better place. It goes beyond just having enough money in the bank — it includes good financial management and having the appropriate tools to facilitate financial decisions. Many people live paycheck to paycheck, and often run out of money before payday. Being expected to subsidise your employer and pay for work expenses out of your own pocket, with no idea on how long it will take to get reimbursed, can be deeply troubling for many people.

This gives them the financial means to do their job, without them having to reach into their own pocket. Workers responding to the survey said this impacts their health, sleep and relationships. The NHS has also highlighted the direct link between money and mental wellbeing. Workers still have to contend with rigid pay cycles, leaving them short of funds in the middle of the month which often gives them no other choice than to deplete their savings or borrow to get by. More than half of workers say they would be more likely to stay with an employer who offers on demand access to earned pay between pay days.

Our employees have the flexibility and respect to lead their own lives as they see fit, meaning they can stay healthy, spend more time with family and pursue their own passions. One of our values — Life First — supports this directly. Our employees know that they have the flexibility to deal with their life first, and work second. Employers should schedule regular catch-ups where they listen to the concerns, adjusting workloads as necessary. Simple steps can go a long way at developing a culture where all feel encouraged to signal stress and seek help, with the confidence that they will be respected and have their needs met.

Only then they can feel reassured that should they have any difficulties, practicable solutions do exist. We implement R. The idea is that as long as you achieve results you are free to manage your time in a way that works for you.

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This largely comes down to managers setting a good example and encouraging their team members to follow suit. Helping staff fit work around the likes of childcare commitments, gym sessions and social events can make such a huge difference to their mental health. Many appreciate the opportunity to miss a busy commute, too.

I want the team to return to fresh to work each Wednesday, ready to deliver game changing creative ideas for our clients, rather than exhausted from another gig. We have many benefits in place to help people at times when they are dealing with stressful issues. For example, we offer flexible working conditions and support remote working where needed. Everyone has access to private healthcare, which includes counselling, and they can access it as soon as they need it.

Our leadership team have all been trained on supporting their teams both in terms of their career, and their wellbeing. Not only do we support the fantastic work they do for our community in Dorset, but they in turn have trained 30 of our employees in mental health awareness. Dorset Mind visited us during Self Care Week and delivered Mental Health Awareness Training to 15 directors and senior managers and 15 mental health champions.

If you sever connections and let those thoughts fester, you lock yourself into a downward spiral. We take wellness really seriously at Clear Review: we have a head of performance and wellbeing whose job it is to coach and counsel everyone in the business, from the board to the newest and most junior employee. She does this via anonymous surveys and one-on-one conversations sometimes just casual walks and coffees so that everyone feels able to reach out — in whatever way feels most comfortable for them.

Leigh Branham, how employees leave

This year she brought in a 4. Noisy open plan offices can be a challenge for all especially those with mental health conditions. Conversely bad layouts and design can amplify anxiety and other mental health conditions. If you have a fully open plan office, you should begin to think about how to offer more private spaces. Everyone has days where they want to work alone, and not having the ability to do this could have an adverse effect on wellbeing. One solution is to invest in absence management technology, which can help managers uncover the real reasons someone has been off sick.

Managers can clearly see if someone has been taking a lot of time off or recurring patterns, such as someone regularly off on a Monday which may indicate stress or worry. If it appears someone is suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, then managers can step in and help by either directing them to relevant support services or addressing things like heavy workloads and other pressures, which could be contributing to the issue.

Sending an email on World Mental Health Day to your team, letting them know about the awareness day and encouraging them to ask a colleague how they are that day, is one simple action that could be done on 10th October. Starting conversations around mental health and getting to the root causes of absenteeism is a good place to start to break down the stigma of mental health issues and encourage a more open culture.

No-one should feel ashamed or scared to voice when they require additional support. Wellbeing services should be inclusive and signposted to all. Is there an underlying problem with the culture? Here they are likely to find a whole host of reasons for people being unable to attend work. Employers need to encourage employees to discuss issues which concern them, and to protect them from workplace risks.

In addition, they need to ensure that they have As well as legislation, ensuring adequate rest breaks would also fall within general employer health and safety obligations. Employers should ensure that their people are taking their proper rest breaks or basic holiday entitlements and that there are records kept. The importance and need to keep records of actual hours of work was highlighted by a recent ECJ case. Other recommendations include adding training and awareness into manager training programmes around how to spot the signs of someone who is overworking, as well as how to manage such issues.

However, we need to consider the effect that this could have on those who receive emails, for example, at all hours of the day and night. Studies have also found that activity increases energy and happiness or wellbeing. For a manager, making allowance for staff to plan in the time to re-energise will improve their performance, whether it is to hit the gym, read the paper or take a nap. Most importantly, leading by example will mean stress relief will also take place at a leadership level. And how to respond appropriately if you have concerns? Having left home in my mid-teens, I was ambitious, driven and determined.

I believed I had to work harder, longer, better to prove myself — often starting at 6. Without let up.

I was also studying six subjects at night school 3 nights a week, taking client work with me to finish when I arrived home late, all incorporated into a demanding travel schedule. Having spoken to flatmates and siblings, he was so concerned he rang the agency MD warning he would hold them accountable if I tipped over into what he believed was a looming nervous breakdown. Only then did they monitor, horrified at my slide into mental self-harm, even though, ostensibly, the company was benefitting. It may be radical and quick, or it may be a long slow change.

If their spending seems out of control, their alcohol consumption has soared, they regularly complain of poor sleep or their relationships seem to be rocky.

The New Rules of Talent Management

Perhaps they have become obsessed with hardcore exercise. Look out for any disturbances from their norm. One or all of these could be an external signal that all is not well. If you feel confident, talk to the individual.

4 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You About Advancing Your Career

Yes of course we all have days where we just want to sit at the desk, our head down and get on with work, but if you notice a normally friendly colleague is regularly retreating into this behaviour — are they all right? And ensure you also put your concerns in writing or an email. If documented, it makes it harder to ignore, reducing the risk of no action being taken.

Clinical Partners frequently get approached by organisations who know there is an issue but are uncertain what the next steps should be. Their advice is to bring in an expert — either an occupational or mental health professional. What works for your team? Instigate mental health awareness training. More recently, employers are beginning to recognise that a moral and legal duty of care for their employees includes a focus on mental health, as well as physical. It should include nutrition, smoking, financial health, mental health including anxiety and stress management techniques and exercise.

He is a strong proponent of the idea that investing in people is the surest path to business success and profitability. Branham brings 30 years experience in business, education, and management consulting to his mission of helping employers implement best practices in employee engagement and retention.

Leigh Branham has been widely quoted in the media, including Fortune, Business Week , and The Associated Press, as an expert on employee retention. He has been published in many business and general interest publications, including the Harvard Business Review and has written a chapter for a new book to be published by Unity Press in The Essence of Good Business.

Hal Lefkowitz Hal Lefkowitz is a leading business consultant, trainer, university professor and international speaker, who has inspired and enlightened thousands of business owners, executives and managers on innovative ways to overcome their most pressing challenges. He received his Ph. Barbara Bartlein provides entertaining programs with take-home content to build your business and balance your life.

Using a combination of audio-visuals and music, Dr. As a market leader, Brikley delivers building owner value through design excellence, multiple options, code compliance, and long-lasting durability.

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