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accessibility to other information which might be highly relevant to Chasing Crazy Horse: A Wasichu Interpretation of the Lakota Tragedy. (Paperback) book.

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Two years earlier during a briefing at the Pentagon, he had to apologize for forgetting the number of troops engaged in Afghanistan. His spokesman was then forced to put right the mistake by releasing an official statement. Conscious of this Achilles' heel, there coexists within Wolfowitz a healthy dose of self-irony.

This relates to the color of this hair, which is now grey, as much as it does to his well-known firmness in defending his principled positions. It's n ot for nothing that one of the phrases to which he most often resorts is, "We should not be diverted from the objectives we pursue. Italian Version Below. Wolfowitz, il potere con i calzini bucati.

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Nel quartier generale della Banca Mondiale, che presiede dal grazie a un'intesa fra George W. The principle of equal treatment applies to indirect discrimination as well as direct discrimination on the basis of nationality. The principles of non-discrimination and equal treatment are key components of the coordination rules in so far as they prevent people from being put at a disadvantage when exercising their right of free movement, and must be observed by the national authorities, courts and tribunals when applying national law.

The Commission has initiated a number of infringement procedures against Member States when equal treatment principle was not applied. However, the Member States are free to decide who is to be insured under their own legislation, what benefits are to be granted and on what conditions, how those benefits are to be calculated and what contributions are to be paid.

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The EU legislation provides solely for the coordination of the national social security systems. The regulations on social security coordination therefore lay down general rules and principles, such as on the aggregation of insurance periods for the accrual of pension rights. Det danske dagblad Jyllands-Posten fremlagde d. Kommissionen vil foretage en grundig gennemgang af den nye lov. The Danish press further reports that, in his reply to the Commissioner, the Danish Minister for Justice stated that the Danish Government was seeking to change the law. He is reported to have included the following:.

The right to free movement is a fundamental right guaranteed to all EU citizens. Under the directive, it is only possible to remove an EU citizen who no longer meets the conditions attached to the right of residence or on grounds of public policy, public security or public health. However, in all cases, a decision to remove an EU citizen must respect the safeguards provided for by the directive.

Expulsion of EU citizens is only possible on a case by case basis, respecting the principle of proportionality and based exclusively on the personal conduct and circumstances of the person concerned.

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The Danish authorities committed to swiftly amend their law to bring it in line with the relevant EU rules. The Commission will analyse the new law in detail. Will the Commission outline the auditing and accountability measures which aim to ensure proper and appropriate use of monies made available as pre-accession funding for Croatia? In Croatia, implementation of pre-accession assistance is decentralised to national authorities, as the Commission has conferred management powers after the management and control systems have been thoroughly assessed.

Primary and secondary controls ensuring the legality and regularity of individual tenders, contracts and payments are carried out by accredited Croatian authorities. Each year the national authorising officer makes a management declaration concerning a confirmation of the effective functioning of the management and control systems, a confirmation regarding legality and regularity of underlying transactions and information concerning any changes in systems and controls.

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Furthermore, an audit authority in Croatia compliant with internationally accepted audit standards verifies the effective and sound functioning of the management and control systems. The Commission carries out audits of the national sub systems. Findings detected by the auditors are followed up by the national authorities under the supervision of the Commission.

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What future legislation might the Commission initiate in order to strengthen the rights of air passengers denied access to their flight due to overbooking by the airline? Is there any legislation forthcoming which would ban overbooking, or at least limit the amount of overbooking airlines can undertake on each flight?

In addition, such passengers are also entitled to specified mandatory compensation if agreement cannot be reached voluntarily. Whilst the Commission appreciates the inconvenience caused to individual passengers who have been denied boarding as a consequence of an air carrier overbooking a flight, there are occasions when overbooking can be in the collective of interests of consumers.

Such situations can occur on flights where a majority of the tickets sold are of a flexible nature, allowing a passenger the convenience of being able to select their flight at a late stage, but which can result in seats being left empty. On balance the Commission therefore considers that the existing legislation provides adequate protection to affected passengers and has no current plans to extend its scope. Costly and protracted audits and disallowances result in funds being diverted from their intended purpose and it is vital that they are minimised, particularly as the CAP is currently undergoing reform.

The Commission is regularly issuing recommendations to Member States' paying agencies on the improvement of their management and control systems in the context of more than audit missions which it is carrying out every year. Moreover, it participates in the three conferences with the directors of paying agencies and coordinating bodies which are taking place every year, two organised by the sitting Presidency of the Council and one by the Commission itself.

In these conferences, the most common audit findings are presented, best practices identified and exchanged and guidance and advice given. Attracting and retaining young people is key to the long-term sustainability of any industry and the fisheries industry is no exception.

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Ensuring that the industry attracts and retains people for work off shore is not only key to the future of our fleets but also for securing many jobs throughout the processing supply chain on shore. To encourage younger people to enter the sector, working conditions need to improve but also the fisheries sector more generally needs to become more profitable.


Indeed, the overall objective of the reform is to ensure that fishing and aquaculture activities contribute to increased productivity, a fair standard of living for the fisheries sector, stable markets, ensure the availability of resources, and that supplies reach consumers at reasonable prices. To this end, the proposed European Maritime and Fisheries Fund contains a number of provisions designed to foster growth in the sector by creating jobs and promoting sustainable fish stocks. The Commission's view is that sustainable fishing will lead to higher profits and employment in the sector, including for younger entrants in all stages of the production chain.

The Commission proposal does not include specific provisions on succession planning. This is addressed by investing in growth-enhancing measures to make the fisheries sector a more vibrant, dynamic and profitable activity and will attract more professionals to the sector. Furthermore, the proposal for the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund foresees a number of measures designed to facilitate diversification and job creation outside fishing to help support the wider fishing community and the transition towards a more sustainable sector. Can it also provide a breakdown of the number of applications for FP7 funding made by each Member State and region as well as the number of successful applications per Member State and region?

This capacity varies across countries. There is a high correlation between the IUS index, as a proxy to measure innovation performance, and success rate in FP7, which measures success in drawing down funds from FP7. It is important to note that the proposal made by the Commission for Horizon places stronger emphasis on innovation and demonstration projects, an evolution which should strengthen this correlation.

The agri-environment schemes funded through the Rural Development Programme allow Member States and regions to tailor schemes to address local issues. This provision establishes a common monitoring and evaluation framework with a view to measuring the performance of the CAP. The same provision sets the obligation that the impacts of the common agricultural policy shall be measured, amongst other, against the objective of sustainable management of natural resources to which the greening measures are related. In this context appropriate indicators will be developed that should facilitate the assessment and allow for measuring the effect of specific instruments against their objectives, including the greening obligations.

As for the Honourable Member's second question, the precise indicators will be defined in implementing acts. One may however already assume that for a measure related to biodiversity such as Ecological Focus Area the indicator will tackle the question of biodiversity. But also other environmental issues related to the greening obligations, such as water quality or carbon sequestration, should be assessed. Quais os seus resultados? What assessment has been made of the socioeconomic impact of the proposed changes? What conclusions were drawn? What species of shark are affected by this type of fishing and what is their conservation status?

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Drawing from the information collected, notably that submitted by the sector, both in writing and during numerous meetings over a two-year period, the Commission concluded that its proposal would not have a significant socioeconomic impact, as stated in the impact assessment Report. According to the information submitted by the sector and by national authorities Spain and Portugal in particular , the practice of removing fins from sharks on board is only carried out by freezer vessels, and not by vessels which land fresh sharks.

The two shark species mainly caught by EU surface longliners are blue shark and shortfin mako.