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The children never knew where the next beating was coming from, only that it was just around the corner. The Boy at the Gate Irish cover. After 10 contentious years, they issued a damning report establishing that the abuse had been systematic and endemic. However, religious orders were able to block the naming of abusers so few prosecutions resulted. Many of the survivors who gave evidence and worked for years to bring the truth to light felt betrayed.

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Still, throughout his memoir, Ellis displays an attitude of forgiveness and grace. The Boy at the Gate is more nuanced: Despite all the hardships he suffered, Ellis remembers the friendships and the moments of grace.

The Boy at the Gate by Danny Ellis

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It sounds a good read, I have to admit I do find this genre distressing to read although I also feel that they should be read out of respect to the survivors of abuse. Rich Rennicks on February 19, at pm.

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Subscribe to feed. Powered by WordPress and Tarski. Like this: Like Loading He felt as though he had safely disposed of it all, until one night, while writing the powerful song that would launch his highly-praised album, Voices "A searing testament. Confronted by forgotten memories of betrayal and abandonment, he was stunned to discover that his eight-year-old self was still trapped in a world he thought he had left behind.

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Although unnerved by his experience, Danny begins an arduous journey that leads him back to the streets of Dublin, the tenement slums, and, ultimately, the malice and mischief of the Artane playground. What he discovers with each twist and turn of his odyssey will forever change his life. Elegantly written, this is a brutally honest, often harrowing, depiction of a young boy's struggle to survive orphanage life, and stands as an inspiring testament to the healing power of music and love.

He was sent to the Artane Industrial School in to